We are a small handmade scented candle company who is passionate about bringing luxurious fragrances to your home.  All candles are made with Soy Blended wax which is used in most luxury candles on the market today. The wicks we use in our candles are made from cotton and linen, the wicks we use minimise afterglow and smoking.

Sonisa Candles London was born when my beautiful selfless mother Sonia sadly lost her battle with cancer in 2015.

​The company name was derived from the first three letters of my mothers first name and the first three letters of my mothers middle name making Sonisa.

My mother loved scented candles and would always buy a well known brand of candle. I wanted to create a candle range  in my mothers memory.

​Our scented candles are handmade and hand poured in London in small batches so we can make sure quality remains high.

I hope you love our bold coloured luxury handmade scented soy blend candle ranges as much as we do putting them together making them for you.

The design and packaging of all our handmade scented candles provide our customers  with a beautiful colourful luxury affordable gift for friends and family.

​Our luxury handmade scented candles fills your home with a superb fragrance, that you can enjoy time and time again.​ We hope you enjoy the scents and beautiful bold colours as much as we do.

We are hard working on testing new fragrances to expand the line and will be launching more car / air freshener scents as they are one of our best sellers. Please  feel free to sign up for a newsletter for any updates exclusive offers.

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