General Questions 

Do you do wedding favours or candles for special events ? 

Yes, we do however we will need at least 3 months notice please email us on with your requirements

Candle Questions

What’s the best way to burn Handmade candles?

Always allow the wax burn pool to reach the outer edges of the jars before extinguishing the flame. This will prevent the wax from “tunneling” and allow your candle to burn evenly. We recommend burning your candle for 2-3 hours at a time but for never more than 4 hours. Never leave the candle unattended.

Can my tin and glass jars be re-used?

Yes, of course! you can soak and wash out the remaining wax with hot soapy water. If any stubborn wax remains, place your candle in the freezer. Once the wax hardens, it can be chipped out along with the wick. Carefully empty the wax out and wipe clean. They are a great mini storage solution for pens, pencils and bathroom accessories – anything you like!

How fragrant are Handmade Candles?

Because we use natural soy blended wax which is used in most luxury candles on the market today they have a good scent throw. Our candles fill a medium-size room nicely. For larger rooms or rooms with high ceilings, we recommend our 30cl glass candles for that extra fragrance boost.

Body Butter Questions 

Why is there sometimes hard body butter bits in the cream and sometimes there is not ?        

This maybe due to the cold weather and because this is a natural product (except for the fragrance oil). Please also note that each batch is whipped by hand so each product will vary. This is nothing to worry about just keep the cream in a place where it’s not too cold and make sure you warm the product up in your hands before applying to the body.

Shipping Questions

What shipping service do you use ? 

We ship using Royal Mails 2nd class signed for delivery so you get peace of mind that your parcel will arrive safely. 

Do you ship internationally? 

Unfortunately, at this time we only ship to the UK however we are planning to do so in the future, please subscribe to the newsletter to receive updates on the company. 

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